Raw suga is proud to be a sponsor for the locally produced show, Cathlyn's Korean Kitchen! We shot a few pilots awhile back hoping Korea Television San Diego (KTSD) would pick it up and they did! They're starting off with 10 minute episodes for our first season which first aired 2/6/09!

For those of you who have Time Warner Cable and subscribe to KTSD, be sure to watch every Friday at 9:25 pm (PST).

You may also watch full episodes and download recipies at http://www.cathlynskoreankitchen.tv/


Nina's first real makeup gig was doing a few scenes for the movie pilot, Mozlym! Be sure to check it out Sunday, Feb. 22, 2009.

To watch the trailer and RSVP, please visit MOZLYM.com


Enter for your chance to win a Swarovski encrusted iPod Nano just by joining the mailing list on StyleSynch.com!

Thanks to the owner of StyleSynch.com, Cindy Chan, for giving Raw Suga family and friends 25% off orders from now through March 31, 2009! Be sure to enter NINAF0209 when checking out! 


I did a shoot a while back and the site is now up! It was so much fun! It was like I was time warpped back into the 70's! Check out some of the photos and Danielle's great designs! You can find her latest collection "Young Love" at http://pillowsbydanielle.blogspot.com/

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