As a makeup artist it is very important to keep your products and tools clean and sanitized. By doing some quick and easy steps, you can keep yourself and others safe from the spread of bacteria and certain viruses. As a makeup artist, I move from one person to the next and cannot risk any chance of anyone getting conjunctivitis (pink eye) or warts from another person. It is my responsibility to keep myself and clients safe. Just follow these easy steps below!

Cleaning Makeup Brushes:
After you've used brushes on someone, you want to clean them off with a brush cleaner and at least once a week with a brush bath. Brush cleaners can come as wipes, sprays or dips and dry quickly. Brush baths are generally used at least once a week if you are always using your brushes. Brush baths can also come as wipes, sprays or dips. They keep the bristles soft and conditioned but take a little more time to dry. Of course this would also depend on the brand you use. Just make sure you read all directions before using the product. To dry brushes, you never want to prop them up because the moisture will loosen the glue that holds the hairs together. Instead, lay them on a flat surface with an edge. You want to keep the brush heads hanging off the egde to give them ventilation and dry faster.

Sanitizing Tools and Makeup:
For this I suggest using at least 90% isopropyl alcohol dispensed into a small spray bottle. Once again, you can wipe, spray or dip and they dry quickly. I suggest using a spray because I don't have to worry about spilling it. You just want to spray your tools (i.e. tweezers, palette, palette knife, eyelash curler, etc.) and let them dry. you can spray the alcohol over your blushes, eyeshadows, pressed powders and lipstick palettes. For tube lipsticks, I suggest scraping off the top layer with a spatula or palette knife and then spraying with alcohol. To sanitize pencils, sharpen tip and spray alcohol. Of course you cannot sanitize your mascara wand so make sure if anyone else wants to use your tube you hand them a disposable mascara wand. You can buy this alcohol at any grocery store or drug store.

In my kit:
Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner
NuBrush Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner & Conditioner
90% isopropyl alcohol

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