During weddings, dances, and special events, you'll want to keep your makeup in place so you're not touching up every 5 minutes! I suggest wearing a primer before you start applying your base (foundation). So, right after you wash your face, tone and moisturize (with SPF of course), apply a small amount of primer to your finger tips and apply all over the face. Start with this silky skin preparation to hide fine lines, reduce large pores, and oily spots while giving you the best base possible for your makeup. Remember, I said small amount! If you apply too much, you'll be slipping and sliding all over your face! After applying all your makeup, you could use a sealer to keep everything in place. Just make sure you don't spray directly into your face - especially your eyes!

In my kit:
Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20
Cinema Secrets Super Sealer

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